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Parameter:  RadioTransceiver.Receiver.IntermodulationRejection


Data type Radio.Receiver.IntermodulationRejection
Description The ability of a receiver to reject intermodulation products produced by the mixing of two or more signals at the input to the receiver.
Primitive type Real
Dimension Relative Magnitude

Units of Measure

Unit Name Unit Symbol Description Notes
Parts per Million ppm
Decibels dB
Parts per Thousand ppt
Percent %


Source Article Excerpt
ARRL Intermodulation Intermodulation is a source of interference that arises from the combination of two or more signals at different frequencies in some kind of non-linear system.

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Electronic Design Understanding Intermodulation Distortion Measurements Intermodulation distortion is an important metric of linearity for a wide range of RF and microwave components. Fundamentally, it describes the ratio (in dB) between the power of fundamental tones and third-order distortion products.

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Wikipedia Intermodulation Intermodulation is caused by non-linear behaviour of the signal processing (physical equipment or even algorithms) being used.

Practically all audio equipment has some non-linearity, so it will exhibit some amount of IMD, which however may be low enough to be imperceptible by humans.

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