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Parameter:  RadioTransceiver.Transmitter.SpuriousEmissions


Data type Radio.Transmitter.SpuriousEmissions
Description Emission on a frequency or frequencies which are outside the necessary bandwidth.
Primitive type Real
Dimension Relative Magnitude
Notes Spurious emissions include harmonic emissions, parasitic emissions, intermodulation products and frequency conversion products, but exclude out-of-band emissions.

Spurious emissions are usually specified as a relative magnitude measured in decibels (dB), but are sometimes specified as an absolute power measured in decibel-milliwatts (dBm). For example, the datasheet for a 5-watt transmitter might specify a spurious emission level of -13 dBm. Five watts is equivalent to 37 dBm, so a specification of -13 dBm means that the spurious emissions are 50 dB down from the intentional emissions.

In general, to calculate the spurious emissions as a relative magnitude in dB, convert the transmitter's output power to dBm and then subtract the spurious emissions in dBm.

Units of Measure

Unit Name Unit Symbol Description Notes
Parts per Million ppm
Decibels dB
Parts per Thousand ppt
Percent %


Source Article Excerpt
FCC 97.307 Emission Standards for Amateur Transmitters

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Reddit Measuring Spurious Emissions

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