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Parameter:  RadioTransceiver.SignalingSystem.SignalingMethod


Data type Radio.Signaling.SignalingMethod
Description A protocol for encoding and decoding very small amounts of control and status information.
Primitive type Enum
Notes Numerous signaling methods provide ANI (Automatic Number Identification) a.k.a. PTT ID.


Value Description Notes
2-Tone Two-tone sequential signaling
5-Tone 5/6/7-tone sequential signaling
CTCSS Continuous Tone-Codes Squelch System
DCS Digital-Coded Squelch
DQT Motorola Digital QuietTalk
DTMF Dual Tone Multi Frequency
FleetSync Motorola FleetSync
MDC-1200 Motorola Data Communications It is based on AFSK.
MSK Minimum-Shift Keying
QT Motorola QuietTalk
SelCall SelCall


Source Article Excerpt
Genave Two-Tone Paging Many public safety pagers and control systems use audio tones to activate. The most common type are two tones that are sent in sequence. Hence it’s names, Two-Tone Paging or Two-Tone Sequential.

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ICOM What is 5-Tone Signaling? Although it is dubbed as 5-Tone, this signaling protocol consists of a fast data burst of one (1) to seven (7) frequency tones that can selectively signal a radio.

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Wikipedia Dual-tone multi-frequency signaling (DTMF) Multi-frequency signaling (MF) is a group of signaling methods that use a mixture of two pure tone (pure sine wave) sounds

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Wikipedia MDC-1200

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