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Parameter:  RadioTransceiver.SignalingSystem.RemoteAction


Data type Radio.Signaling.RemoteAction
Description Radio functions that can be activated by signals sent from a different radio.
Primitive type Enum


Value Description Notes
Stun Temporarily disables the receiving radio until it is revived.
Kill Permanently disables the receiving radio until a technician reprograms it.
Revive Restores a stunned radio to normal functionality.
Answer Back Configures the receiving radio to automatically respond to paging calls ("transpond").
Auto TX Causes the receiving radio to transmit for a preprogrammed period of time. This feature can be used to listen for sounds in a remote radio's environment.
Scan Causes the receiving radio to begin scanning.
Audio Output Causes the received paging tones to be audible.
Beep Causes the receiving radio to emit a beep tone to alert the user. In many radios, the beep tone will be repeated at a preprogrammed interval until the user responds.
Icon Displays a bell icon or an equivalent symbol on the receiving radio's display screen.