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Parameter:  RadioTransceiver.TuningSystem.OperatingMode


Data type Radio.TuningSystem.OperatingMode
Description Communication modes.
Primitive type Enum


Value Description Notes
CW Radiotelegraphy over Continuous Wave, typically with Morse Encoding
SSB Analog Voice on Single Sideband
SSB-RC Analog Voice on Single Sideband with Reduced Carrier
DSB-SC Analog Voice on Double Dideband with Suppressed Carrier
ISB Analog Voice on Independent Sideband
AM Analog Voice with Amplitude Modulation
FM Analog Voice with Frequency Modulation
NFM Analog Voice with Narrowband Frequency Modulation
WFM Analog Voice with Wideband Frequency Modulation
PM Analog Voice with Phase Modulation
DMR Digital Voice with DMR Encoding
DV Digital Voice with D-STAR Encoding
FreeDV Digital Voice with FreeDV Encoding
System Fusion Digital Voice with System Fusion Encoding
M17 Digital Voice with M17 Encoding
P25 Digital Voice with APCO P25 Encoding
NXDN Digital Voice and Text with NXDN encoding
RTTY Digital Text with Radioteletype Encoding
AMTOR Digital Text with Amateur Teleprinting Over Radio Encoding
Hell Digital Text with Hellschreiber Encoding
PSK31 Digital Text with PSK31 encoding
DD Digital Data with D-STAR Encoding
ATV Image or Video with Fast Scan (ATV) Encoding
FAX Image with Facsimile Encoding
SSTV Image or Video with Slow Scan TV Encoding