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Parameter:  RadioTransceiver.SignalingSystem.DigitalSelectiveCalling


Synonyms DSC
Data type Radio.Signaling.DigitalSelectiveCalling
Description A method for transmitting predefined digital messages that is used in maritime radio systems.
Primitive type Bool


Source Article Excerpt
International Telecommunication Union Digital selective-calling system for use in the maritime mobile service This Recommendation describes the digital selective-calling (DSC) system for use in the maritime mobile
service covering general purpose and simplified versions of DSC equipment. A description of a generalized
user interface as well as an automated procedure for the operation of shipborne equipment are also included.

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US Coast Guard Digital Selective Calling DSC acts like the dial and bell of a telephone, allowing you to "direct dial" and "ring" other radios, or allow others to "ring" you, without having to listen to a speaker.

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Wikipedia Digital Selective Calling When sending a distress signal, the DSC device will at minimum include the ship's MMSI number. It may also include the coordinates if radio is connected to GPS system and, if necessary, the channel for the following radiotelephony or radiotelex messages.

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