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Parameter:  Antenna.Product.DcGround


Data type Antenna.DcGround
Description The DC resistance between the active element and ground is zero ohms.
Primitive type Bool
Notes The AC impedance at radio frequencies is typically 50 or 75 ohms.


Source Article Excerpt
CalAmp Corporation Lightning Arrestor A DC grounded antenna will measure 0 ohms from the active element to ground when tested with an ohm-meter.

The combination of a DC open antenna and a DC blocked gas discharge tube lightning arrestor creates a situation where static charge can build up slowly on the active element of the antenna.

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IEEE Xplore An Experiment Verification: the ESD Protection by DC Grounded Antenna In practical engineering, we found that the DC grounded antenna can improve electrostatic discharge (ESD) immunity. For sensitive devices or circuits related to antenna, ESD protection by antenna design is simpler, more efficient and cost effective than common measures.

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RiVUD DC Grounded Antennas [The Myth, The Legend, The Fantasy] When an antenna is DC grounded, it means it has a direct electrical connection to the ground. This is believed to offer better protection against lightning strikes, allowing the electrical discharge to flow directly into the ground potentially reducing the risk of damage to connected equipment.

The claim about lightning protection is somewhat exaggerated. While there can be a direct path to ground for DC, it might not always offer adequate protection against lightning. However, a DC ground can help drain off static to some extent.

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