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Parameter:  Antenna.BandCoverage.Bandwidth


Synonyms BW
Data type Antenna.Bandwidth
Description The frequency range occupied by a modulated carrier.
Primitive type Real
Dimension Frequency

Units of Measure

Unit Name Unit Symbol Description Notes
Hertz Hz
Kilohertz kHz
Megahertz MHz
Gigahertz GHz


Source Article Excerpt
Ham Radio School FM Bandwidth When you push-to-talk and speak into the microphone your FM transmitter emits a range of several thousand hertz of different frequencies and not just that singular frequency value to which you have tuned the transceiver. That displayed frequency value may be considered a reference value called the carrier frequency, and with FM the emitted signals will vary in frequency both higher and lower than that carrier frequency value by several thousand hertz. The full range of the frequencies emitted, as determined by the highest frequency value minus the lowest frequency value, is the bandwidth.

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Wikipedia Bandwidth (signal processing) Passband bandwidth is the difference between the upper and lower cutoff frequencies of, for example, a band-pass filter, a communication channel, or a signal spectrum.

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