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Parameter:  RadioTransceiver.Receiver.SpuriousRejection


Data type Radio.Receiver.SpuriousRejection
Description The ratio of a receiver's response to a signal at a desired frequency and its response to signals at other frequencies that cause a response.
Primitive type Real
Dimension Relative Magnitude
Notes This is a measure of how well the receiver rejects spurious signals on nearby frequencies that might cause intermodulation distortion.

When a datasheet specifies "Spurious and Image Rejection Ratio", we enter the specified value under two parameters: SpuriousRejection and ImageRejection.

Units of Measure

Unit Name Unit Symbol Description Notes
Parts per Million ppm
Decibels dB
Parts per Thousand ppt
Percent %


Source Article Excerpt
Signal Processing Group, Inc. Receiver spurious response rejection This is a very interesting specification for which no clear definition seems to exist.

Nevertheless this is a key receiver specification, and needs to be understood and above all, used and specified clearly.

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