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Laird FG4605 460-470 MHz Omni Antenna

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Datasheet 2


Parameter Value Description
Operating Frequency 460 to 470 MHz
Type Base Vertical
Center Frequency 465 MHz
Bandwidth 10 MHz The frequency range occupied by a modulated carrier.
Height 76.5 in The vertical distance between the top and bottom surfaces of an item that is placed in its conventional orientation.
Personal Band GMRS General Mobile Radio Service (462.550 - 467.725 MHz)
Land Mobile Band UHF Land mobile UHF band (450 - 470 MHz)
Weight 3.5 lb The weight of the item.
Wind Load 57 lb
Wind Surface Area 0.6959 ft²
Wind Survival 125 mph max

Signal Propagation

Parameter Value Description
Power 100 W max The input power limit of an antenna.
Gain 7 dBi The ability of an antenna to radiate RF energy in a specific direction.
ERP 305.492 W max Effective Radiated Power


Parameter Value Description
Diameter 1.31 in


Parameter Value Description
Connector Type N-Female Type N Female
Impedance 50 Ω The effective resistance of an antenna to alternating current at a specific frequency due to the combined effects of ohmic resistance, inductance, and capacitance.


Parameter Value Description
Material Fiberglass
Sections 1 The number of radome sections.
Color White

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