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Baofeng GMRS-9R Handheld GMRS Transceiver

Product Documentation

Document Pages Notes
External Photos 5
Internal Photos 4
User Manual 31


Parameter Value Description
Form Factor Handheld The radio is designed to be held in one hand while in use.
Type Transceiver The radio can receive and transmit signals.
Operating Temperature -20 to 60 °C The range of temperatures in which the product is designed to be operated.
Solid Ingress Protection IP5x The product is dust-protected.
Liquid Ingress Protection IPx7 The product is protected against the effects of temporary immersion in water.

Tuning System

Parameter Value Description
Channel Bandwidths 12.5 kHz The radio's tuning system supports channel spacing of 12.5 kHz.
25 kHz The radio's tuning system supports channel spacing of 25 kHz.
Dual Watch Yes The radio can monitor two frequencies at the same time.
Scan Types Program The radio's tuning system can scan all channel frequencies between lower and upper frequency limits.
Channel The radio's tuning system can scan some or all of the channels programmed into its memory.
Repeater Capable Yes Memory channels can have different transmit and receive frequencies, facilitating the use of radio repeaters.
Reverse Function Yes The transmit and receiver frequencies used by a repeater channel can be temporarily reversed by the user.
VFO Mode Yes The radio allows direct frequency selection.

Signaling System

Parameter Value Description
CTCSS Tones 50 The number of distinct CTCSS tones supported by the radio.
DCS Codes 105 The number of distinct DCS codes supported by the radio.
PTT ID Yes The radio supports Automatic Number Identification
Emergency Call Yes Sends out a distress call to other radios. May also place the radio in hands-free mode to so the user can describe his situation without needing to continually press the PTT button.
Roger Beep Yes Indicates that a transmitter is capable of emitting a short beep at the end of each transmission.

Audio System

Parameter Value Description
Output Power 1 W max
Voice Prompts Yes


Parameter Conditions Value Description
Tuning System Receiver
Channel Bandwidth SINAD
Personal Bands FRS Family Radio Service (462.550 - 467.7125 MHz)
GMRS General Mobile Radio Service (462.550 - 467.725 MHz)
Broadcast Bands FM FM broadcast band (88 - 108 MHz)
WX NOAA weather broadcast band (162.400 - 162.550 MHz)
Amateur Bands 2m Amateur 2-meter band (144.000 - 148.000 MHz)
70cm Amateur 70 cm band (420.000 - 450.000 MHz)
LMR Bands VHF Land mobile VHF high band (150 - 174 MHz)
UHF Land mobile UHF band (450 - 470 MHz)
Marine Bands VHF Marine VHF band (156.050 - 162.025 MHz)
UHF Marine UHF Band (457.5125 - 457.5875 and 467.5125 - 467.5875)
Operating Frequency 88 to 108 MHz The range of frequencies that can be tuned by the receiver.
136 to 174 MHz
400 to 520 MHz
462.55 to 467.725 MHz
Sensitivity Threshold 12 dB 0.25 µV max The magnitude of the smallest RF signal that a receiver can detect.
Adjacent Channel Selectivity 12.5 kHz 55 dB min The ability of a receiver to discriminate between a desired signal and an undesired signal in an adjacent channel.
Spurious Rejection 12.5 kHz -57 dB min The ratio of a receiver's response to a signal at a desired frequency and its response to signals at other frequencies that cause a response.
Intermodulation Rejection 12.5 kHz 55 dB min The ability of a receiver to reject intermodulation products produced by the mixing of two or more signals at the input to the receiver.
Audio Distortion 5 % max
Monitor Function Yes The radio allows the user to manually open the squelch.


Parameter Conditions Value Description Notes
Tuning System
Channel Bandwidth
Personal Band GMRS General Mobile Radio Service (462.550 - 467.725 MHz)
Operating Frequency 462.55 to 467.725 MHz
Frequency Drift 2.5 ppm The amount that a transmitter's frequency varies from its nominal value.
Output Power 3.5 W max The maximum RF power that a transmitter can produce, as reported by the manufacturer in product documentation.
Measured Power 3.09 W max Actual output power measured by a telecommunication certification body (TCB) and reported to the Federal Communications Commission.
Spurious Emissions -48.44 dB max Emission on a frequency or frequencies which are outside the necessary bandwidth. Calculated as follows:

- Output Power (absolute magnitude) = 3.5W = 35.44 dBm
- Spurious Emissions (absolute magnitude) = -13 dBm
- Spurious Emissions (relative magnitide) = -48.44 dB
Adjacent Channel Power 12.5 kHz -60 dB max
Emission Type 12.5 kHz 11K0F3E 11 kHz occupied bandwidth, FM analog voice
Busy Channel Lockout Yes Indicates that a transmitter can be prevented from operating when a receiver detects activity on the tuned frequency.
Timeout Timer Yes Indicates that a radio is capable of limiting the length of each transmission.

Volume Control

Parameter Value Description
Location Top The volume control is located on the top of the radio.
Type Rotary Knob The setting can be adjusted by rotating a round knob.

Squelch Control

Parameter Value Description
Location Menu The squelch level can be adjusted through the radio's menu system.


Parameter Value Description
DTMF Capable Yes The keypad is capable of generating DTMF tones.
Lockable Yes The keypad can be configured in a way that disables the function of most keys.
Audible Yes The keypad can be configured to emit a sound each time that a key is pressed.


Parameter Value Description
Type LCD Liquid Crystal Display with Fluorescent Backlighting
Backlit Yes The display device is illuminated for better readability in poor lighting conditions.
Background Colors 3 The number of background colors from which to choose.

Internal Speaker

Parameter Value Description
Location Front The internal speaker is located behind the front panel of the radio.

Microphone Port

Parameter Value Description
Location Right Side The microphone ports is located on the right side of the radio.

Speaker Port

Parameter Value Description
Location Right Side The speaker port is located on the right side of the radio.

Headset Port

Parameter Value Description
Location Right Side The headset port is located on the right side of the radio.

Antenna Port

Parameter Value Description
Impedance 50 Ω


Parameter Value Description
Charge Capacity 1800 mAh The amount of charge stored in a fully-charged battery.
Energy Capacity 13.32 Wh The amount of energy stored in a fully-charged battery.
Type Li-Ion Lithium Ferrous Phosphate (LiFePO4)
Voltage 7.4 V The nominal voltage of a battery.
Voltage Indicator Yes The device provides a visible or audible indication of the battery voltage.
Removable Yes Battery is removable, allowing a discharged battery to be quickly replaced with a fresh one.
Charging Method Drop-In

Bonus Features

Parameter Value Description
LED Flashlight Yes The radio contains an LED that can be switched on to provide a small amount of task lighting.

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