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Smiley Antenna 46520 5/8 Slim Duck 465 MHz Antenna


Parameter Value Description
Operating Frequency 460 to 470 MHz
Type Handheld
Center Frequency 465 MHz
Bandwidth 10 MHz The frequency range occupied by a modulated carrier.
Length 4 in
Personal Band GMRS General Mobile Radio Service (462.550 - 467.725 MHz)
Land Mobile Band UHF Land mobile UHF band (450 - 470 MHz)

Signal Propagation

Parameter Value Description
Power 50 W max The input power limit of an antenna.
Gain 6 dBd The ability of an antenna to radiate RF energy in a specific direction.
ERP 199.053 W max Effective Radiated Power


Parameter Value Description
Connector Types BNC-Male BNC Male
SMA-Female SMA Female
SMA-Male SMA Male
TNC-Male TNC Male
UHF-Male UHF Male (PL-259)
Impedance 50 Ω The effective resistance of an antenna to alternating current at a specific frequency due to the combined effects of ohmic resistance, inductance, and capacitance.

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